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Wrote this letter cause im far away from ya Got a lot of love but girl I need a braek from ya You make me want to give it all like a big spender Knowing I aint got it You’re my summer in the winter Make me get all cheesy all my homies hate it Got me dope addicted as if I was faded But I shine bright to illuminate you Wish I was frank ocean to serenade you you take my breath away You’re kinda quiet so you use others to portray what you feel at heart I should really stop but I can’t once I start Cause the words are really flowing from my soul give us a chance Watch us as we grow and where we’ll be in 10 years man nobody knows But of they get anything Understand this Your voice inside my ears is simply bliss When you close your eyes And I feel your kiss It’s the greatest feelings One I’ll always miss It’s not everyday That you meet your soulmate Never did believe That this could be fate So Ill hold you in my arms Never loosin my grip On reality feel like im dreamin just a bit Took a second And I realized where I was In my room alone Yearning for your touch Chorus: Every time I say I am I'm never truly Over Her She's my instrumental So you know I lay all over her All Over Her All Over Her All Over Her All Over Her (x2) Got a letter back with her lips upon the seal The food for thought I gained was better than a meal She said she had been working and hadn’t had time Asked if we could chill cause I been upon her mind Tried to keep my cool responded that’d be dope Glad we wasn’t face to face cause I was hella stoked Every time she come around I get sorta different Feelings arise and meet emotions in collision Met her at my place candles burning bright She wondered if I did all this for a single night Took her by the hand so she could understand That sometimes it’s safe to trust an honest man Then I led her to the room Her skin shone bright lit up by the moon Light up in her eyes and the darkness resumed Tried to fight the passion but temptation consumed Under the covers we whispered sweet nothings Her poker face was hella straight I’m glad she wasn’t bluffing Shawty say she feelin me Yeah she’s really feeling me Is it cause Im deep in her or simply her affinity We sorta close spend all our time together like she kin to me Love before a Bentley Trouble oh so menacing So rob me of my money put my hands in the sky She bob her head I bob my head tell her it’s just right Chorus: At night I stay up and contemplate long Why was I so weak for her when otherwise I’m strong Let her come and go I feel like entertainment She was the rose that grew inside my heart where there was pavement Gave me good advice comfort was unmatched See this is why I never love because I got attached To something that can.. never be anchored There’s love and happiness where there should be anger Since she’s always leaving me the pain will never stop She comes and goes, but know that I love her HIP HOP!
Chorus: I am past present future. I am then, next, and now. I am old, young, and here I am time lost and found (x4) Verse 1: SubVersive They buried my ancestors in a mass grave Tombstones read “nigger” ‘Spic “Redskin” Now, I can’t remember much. My head is full And I cannot remember birth But there is an ever present taste of dirt Of Dark red blood My mouth is a decrepit tomb—it Is making my voice bitter I am always hungry. I have not been fed right This nation keeps providing a dream That I cannot stomach Stomach full of lead Of deceit I know where marrow seeps So I tip-toe through conversations Because there are bones cracking Under my feet I never sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death So every night I die Three eyes open and I am reborn Meditate. like a stillborn, I am Caught in between two lives Who I was and who I will be I am forgetting who I am my metacognitions turn the internal cogs of my intuition And metaphors turn to nature. My voice becomes the sweet lullabyes Of cascading waters And I awaken Metamorphosed, shedding the exoskeleton of my previous life History repeats itself it’s just proof time is cyclical… Chorus: Verse 2: Vagabond Maurice Tip toeing off the ley...line / (Huh) Slow dance over nebula / Found the cosmos in the wind of my breath / Breath be an epitaph on the path toward, enlightenment / Writing on the symmetry of broken souls / Queen's speech for my inner peace, found my peace in a battlefield / Filled with falling stars / We some, comets copping, common sense / and, rhetorics imbedded in the language of our, eternal struggle / Enemies entity, built on the industry sending our brethren to oblivion/ Oblivious rhymes, be left behind / Reflect tapestries of our, industry's / / Construct / Matrix / voodoo magic of alchemy / Caste caster shells through the tongue, of Buddhist Sutras / Black, Buddhist Palms and Broken Psalms steady stitching my frequency / Man, on a travel to find, the final aeon/ My final form, explores a multitude of gateless barriers/ Buried with my lost brothers, in every verse / I'm a, walking library of ghost stories / while Ghost, riding the whip / Celestial chariots, mirroring halos / as we, search my - Chorus Verse 3 (SubVersive) Back track They tell me to let it all go But no I sufferto never forget those who beg for life through memory live on remember mes whisper from dark corners Twin prophecies follow me Because more than genes Have jumped generations My soul defies spatiotemporality I tweet the details To the underground rail roads That lead to the truth Our future lies In the stories of our past Their hand-me down tales Are tailored to their fathers We’re tethered to the earth But space is fertile soil We know how to work new land We can maroon to the moon Before the white flag is planted They don’t know we’ve visited Other galaxies already Vibrated to other dimensions (RE)create Chocolate city made from cacao Stardust sprinkled from the cosmos Why do you think we’ve learned to build upwards Penned the Pinnacle plans To protest our penitentiaries Caught in the purgatory called present We are the extra-terrestrial presence Afrofuturism meets ancestor worship We have been here before time is not linear


released November 12, 2015


all rights reserved



SubVersive Chicago, Illinois

I am Vincente Perez and I am SubVersive.

UChicago '16. Kansas City --> Chicago. Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Story telling

My first album, Liminality, is set for a November release and will feature songs to compliment my Poetry book, B(lack)NESS & LATINI(dad), which is being released November 13th.
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